Introduction to Understanding Self

My name is Anuj Baronia. I am from a city called Pune which is in India. I started writing this first ever blog of mine and thought that let me take some time to just talk about who am I and why I feel I should be blogging.

It was my daughter who got this idea of blogging into my head. She said I had a nice way to communicate things using the writing or speaking mode and to have a bigger outreach I should try blogging. So here I am…with my first ever blog.

The story of my life has been a journey full of ups and downs and so is everybody’s I guess, but few come up with the thought to write about it and put it in the public domain. Most people prefer to hush hush everything about themselves because of the fear of being ridiculed or criticized…lets say, fear of the unknown. It is my opinion that the more we talk about it, people connect our issues with their own issues and in the ongoing discussions give their perspective to our issues based upon their understanding and circumstances. This not only gives us a wider scope of viewing things differently but also helps us to improve our own perspective too.

I am an engineer…a civil engineer…and that too a very good one…I am also holding a MBA-Marketing degree in post graduation…and currently also trying to pursue my PHD in the field of training. I am also a corporate trainer in behavioural techniques and do personal coaching to troubled individuals in helping them achieve work life balance. Ironically with all the degrees that I have amassed I have very rarely got an opportunity to work in those fields where I have specialized except now when I have got into coaching and training which is a very satisfying experience of my life.

I have started my blogging journey with the profound thought of exploring my self and writing and sharing my experiences to help people improve their journey of life and understand their life better. I hope this journey turns out to be as exciting as I feel now at the beginning. As I move on in this journey I will keep adding my posts giving them sequential numbering for various topics so that they would be easy for my readers to connect. My next post would be numbered 1. followed by the topic and so on. Hope it gives an ease of reading to everyone.

To end this short blog, I would like to give my thought for the day: “Life is to be lived every moment at a time and to me made fruitful. Let us all be positive despite all the happenings and events which try to pull us down. Keep smiling always”